Our top planet friendly brands: Earth Day 2021

April 22 is International Earth day and every year it becomes more crucial to recognise the crucial need to save our planet.

At Ribbon and Bow we believe that we all have a part to play in the fight against global crisis. We can all contribute to the change that decides the fate of the planet and 1 trillion and above species. We actively choose to work with environmentally conscious brands that believe in the need to save our planet.

 Here are some of the much-loved U.K. based brands that you will find out in our gift boxes, that are making a huge difference and doing their best to help our planet.

Tanaka Soaps

Tanaka Soaps

Founded in 2019 by Leonara, Tanaka soaps is a handmade soap brand. Each soap is beautifully packaged using plastic free materials. The brands ethos is deeply rooted in the connection to nature and the use of cruelty free ingredients. Each bar is carefully wrapped with the intention to rid the world of plastic waste. The packaging consists of glassine paper, which is non-toxic, plastic-free and compostable. We love Tanaka multipurpose soaps, great for the skin and friendly to the environment!

Maters & Co Honey

Maters & Co Honey

Founded in 2009, Maters & Co honey was founded upon the principles of raw, natural goodness of the highest quality. A family run business that started after recognising that the excess honey produced by bees was in fact harmful to the colony. Their design and branding encompass the mission to remain ethical. The glass jars, printed with organic inks mean that they can always be recycled.

Nail Kind Polish

Nail Kind polish

These vegan and cruelty free nail polishes are our kind of beauty product. This brand focus on conscious beauty and natural ingredients. They stand out from the rest by using plant-based ingredients such as potato, corn and wheat. Their range of colours are gorgeous and with no animal derived ingredients, no animal testing and focusing on a purity and bio-sourced formula; they are reducing their environmental footprint one polish at a time.  

Ribbon and Bow personalised candle

Ribbon and Bow Candles

We started producing our own candles in 2018. We pride ourselves in using naturals ingredients only. All our candles are hand poured in London using 100% natural vegan soy wax and essential oils. When thinking about packaging our mission was to make if recyclable and so glass containers were the perfect choice. The plastic free packing meant that they can be used time and time again, for pen storage, for make-up brushes or even as a small plant pot. Our personalised candles make the best keepsake gift. Ribbon and Bow candles are paraben free and not tested on animals.

Visit our online store for great gifts that make it easy to be kind to yourself, the planet and others.

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