Business not as usual but as best we can!

What a strange time we are living in with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Just to feel you in on what is happening over here at Ribbon and Bow- As an online gift shop we are still able to operate, with a few changes.

Luckily ‘online retail is sill open and encouraged and postal services will run as normal’. This means lovely packages can still be sent on behalf of our lovely customers!

Fortunately a lot of the essential materials and equipment are kept in-house which allows for orders to sill be processed. We are keeping in line with stringent wiping down and hygiene rules.

We are currently offering limited lines as some products will not be restocked until everything goes back to normal. As it stands there will be an extended processing time for online orders. (3 working days and 5 working days for personalised items).

Thank you for your continued support and most importantly, stay safe!

Tem x

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