How can we be more sustainable?

Last week The Princes Trust invited me to the B Inspired event at London Bridge.

I heard a series of inspiring talks from CEOs of multinational companies, academics and inspiring students. Each one challenged the current narrative of business and how we remain innovative in our roles.

One question that was asked by Kresse Wesling of Elvis & Kresse was “are you a creator or a destroyer?”- Being a creative should bring about positive change to the world we live in and if this is not the case… then that would be destroying right? I’m a strong believer of ‘passion and purpose’, I believe it goes hand in hand. It got me thinking, what is my passion and how can it be translated through the purpose of Ribbon and Bow? Whats the thing that keeps the business going during difficult times? What is our positive stamp on the world? What differences can be made?

The purpose of Ribbon and Bow is to spread love through gifting. This could be between family members that live in two different countries or even a company executive to a staff member. The point is distance and time should never stand in the way of showing gratitude and love. We all value time and convenience, so saving our customers time plays a very important part. Delivering this personalised service involves working with amazing brands. One thing I always wanted to stand by was not only spreading love to your loved ones but beyond that, and extending the care and love to the communities, our society and the world.

Attending the BCorp event really brought me back to the ethos of Ribbon and Bow. It made me more aware of the brands we work with, the notion of ‘Gifts that give back’ and the positive change we can bring about. As a business we still have a long way to go in terms of being environmentally friendly and I’d love for you to follow us on this journey as we do so. I will also be highlighting the amazing work our partnering brands are doing.

A massive thank you to all of the wonderful speakers at the B Corp event and to The Princes Trust for giving me the opportunity to attend.

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