Bridal Gift Station

Bridal Gift Station

Our Bridal Packages

The morning of your big day may is sure to be a mixture of nerves, excitement but also a magical time to create memories with your nearest and dearest. Amidst the haze of preparations it is all to easy to forget the importance of showing your tribe how grateful you are for their support in your journey. 

Our bridal suite gift station makes it easy for you to relax on your wedding morning by organising and setting up the gifting essentials for you and your bridal party. Get in contact to find out which packages are suitable for you, we even make the station styling unique to you by matching it with your wedding style and colours. 

We can set out your robes, personalised boxes, champagne and much more are ready for you and your girls to enjoy and celebrate your next step from a Miss to Mrs.

What Our Clients Say...

Very professional and classy. Also, able to deal with emergencies and ad hoc requests! They were very helpful! the bridal set up was smooth and set the mood for the beautiful day ahead

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